Halloween and fireworks night safety

Halloween and fireworks night safety

Although we take the utmost care when we’re out trick or treating with the children, however, we may overlook the safety of our homes during Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night. 

During these festivities, insurance claims for malicious damage and burglaries rocket (excuse the pun). Research by Aviva show that there is a whopping 160% rise in malicious damage claims over Halloween and home burglaries are over 20% higher than an average day.

Ghoulish antics and noisy nights

Although the Halloween tricksters might think they’re just pulling a few pranks, unfortunately some take things a little too far. You may find yourself waking up to more than a few egg splats and toilet paper wraps. Offences such as broken windows, vandalism and graffiti may be a cast upon your home or car. Fireworks, loud bangs and people being out partying provide a cover for thieves taking the opportunity to treat themselves to your car or your personal possessions. 

There are some simple measures to take to keep your home safe during Halloween and Fireworks night.

Halloween home safety

  • Do not answer the door if you don’t want to (printable poster)
  • Leave a light on and radio playing to give the impression people are in
  • Check the locks on garages and sheds are
  • Move plant pots and garden ornaments out of sight or into the house
  • Put your car in the garage if you have one

Fireworks night – deter burglars

  • Give the impression you’re home with lights and radio
  • Check and use security cameras / alarms if you have them
  • Put away ladders and bins that might be used to gain entry
  • Lock up bikes and garden equipment
  • Double check windows and doors are locked before leaving the house

Keeping your home safe and sound, we hope you enjoy the autumn festivities!

Our infographic below provides advice and guidance you need for a safe fireworks party at home.

safe fireworks part at home


Published: 28th October 2016 (RB)