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How to avoid a cracked windscreen this winter

Winter is a particularly perilous time of year for windscreens, but under no circumstances should you try to de-ice your windscreen by pouring boiling water onto it.

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Driving in the wind and rain

Driving in heavy rain and strong winds

Top tips for driving in heavy rain and strong winds.

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Police launch crackdown on drivers with poor eyesight

Message to drivers: if you have any concern your vision might be deteriorating, the news of a recent police crackdown should encourage you to book an eye test as soon as possible.

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Top 6 summer driving tips

Top six summer driving tips

This time of year, you might find yourself spending a little more time on the road, especially if a road trip is part of your summertime agenda.

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clean car

How to clean your car in a heatwave

With the scorching weather set to continue, there is talk of hosepipe bans coming to other parts of the UK as water supplies start to deplete. But what exactly does a hosepipe ban mean? And what can motorists do to keep their cars sparkling clean in the midst of this heatwave?

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tools in van

Van break-ins – how to avoid getting caught out

Did you know that a van is broken into and tools stolen every 23 minutes in the UK? Here’s how thieves are breaking into vans these days, and some tips to help you avoid getting caught out.

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car tax and mot

Are you ready for new rules on car tax and MOTs?

New rules for car tax and MOTs are coming into force soon, with particular consequences for drivers of diesel vehicles. What do you need to know to avoid an unwelcome surprise?

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snow raods

How to stay safe on the roads in freezing weather and beat the "Beast from the East"

The "Beast from the East" has hit the UK, bringing winter back in full force. Despite the weather, many drivers still have to get to their workplace so this article offers advice for driving in freezing conditions.

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